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October 23, 2010
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i have some fairly fatal flaws,
i try my best to give all of myself but still hold back.
i just want to kiss but rarely make the first move.
i want to be loved, wholly and souly for all that i am, including my insecurities.
i want to talk slower, and have what i say make sense in my head,

i want candles, i want hands on me, and notes.
i want to understand what makes me so i can impart that knowledge to you,
i want you to get inside so you can impart some knowledge back to me.

i want to feel comfortable somewhere, anywhere.
i want my fears to go away,
i want to open myself up to everything you have to offer, and i want you to offer it.
i want to be able to sleep through the night, sometimes in your bed, sometimes in your head.

i want to have the answers to my questions, and be able to give you the 19th century romance you want.
...1.26am random thoughts
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Identify with, "i want to talk slower, and have what i say make sense in my head". Your poetry makes me miss love.
I love that you decided to let your 1.26a thoughts be shared with us all, because they are rather magnificent.
Why can't everyone be so open about what they want? Be able to put it into simple terms like that? It would make things so much easier in life rather than having to guess from conflicting words and actions.
Dezziree Oct 27, 2010  Professional Photographer
Gosh how I wish I were this honest when it matters most!!
and what are the pictures but visuals of the words/thoughts? ;P i think i like the whole package as it is. :P
That's very true. You're very wise young lady.

Thanks for sharing mate, I think you've put to words what people hide, even if we don't all want exactly the same things the world would be a much easier place to understand each other if people maintained this level of raw honesty. Deep down everyone wants to be loved and we feel alone when we have no one, but when we're surrounded by people we often insist on shutting people out and being alone, and only let others love their mask. The only way to truly feel loved is to let people see what is truth; what is capable of being loved.
It's a lot easier said than done I guess.
still undecided, whether its your words or pictures i like most.
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